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Wedding celebrations

Our Music, Our Visuals, Your Dream Occasion

Your special day usually comes once, therefore let us make your magical moment happen with our creative flare on the decks.

Planning & Concept

Planning a wedding is never an easy task, at Contagious, we pride ourselves in helping you through the journey when it comes to anything music and planning related. We have a great variety of DJ Packages that could help suit your requirements, if it's something bespoke you require, simply drop us a message and we’ll help to design the perfect setting for your dream occasion.

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Creating The Perfect Memory

It's important that music should never be underestimated in a wedding. Remember that music plays a huge part in the atmosphere and can either make or break an event. We ensure that all hosting & music preferences are met to allow the best engagement with you & your guests leaving everyone with a happy and long lasting memory.

Event Production

Event production over the years has definitely evolved with the use of creative lighting, audio & visual equipment. Weddings always stand out if event production is installed and with the use of our state of the art equipment your event will definitely be left with a magical setting.


Why Us?

We always feel that whilst DJ's are always being compared when shopping for your perfect form of entertainment, we can only vouch for what we do and our true passion towards it. Creating that magical moment on the dancefloor is a once in a lifetime event for most couples. We have a genuine interest in making sure that your dream occasion exceeds expectation and that it will be a memorable event for all.

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